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Dimensions Web Design specializes in building websites that simply help you build your business. Whether you need a simple or sophisticated design, one page or one hundred or more pages, I can help you create an affordable website that is customized to effectively deliver your brand, message and vision.

In addition to building your website, I can help you obtain your domain name and web hosting. I will explain the connection between your website, domain name and website hosting. I will work with you through the complete process of bringing your website vision to life.

I build your website but you own it. Every new website comes with a Website Owner's Kit, a CD of your website files, photos, text, user names and passwords to all related website accounts.

A new website can be fun experience.

For some people, a website is just part of doing business. For others, it can be an overwhelming process, filled with unfamiliar terminology. Dimensions Web Design specializes in making the new website experience manageable and easy to understand. If it is needed, I will also work with you to develop your content.

Here are some of recent websites by Dimensions Web Design:

Website Portfolio image for Gosline Insurance Group.
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Gosline Insurance Group

Website Portfolio image for JS Home Heating, an AFC Company.
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JS Home Heating, an AFC Company

Website Portfolio image for Diane's Signs.
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Diane's Signs

Website Portfolio image for Phelps Architects Inc .
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Phelps Architects Inc

Website Portfolio image for Soltan Bass, LLC.
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Soltan Bass

Website Portfolio image for McNaughton Brothers Construction.
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McNaughton Brothers Construction

Website Portfolio image for Rossignol's Excavating.
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Rossignol's Excavating

Website Portfolio image for Libner & Gabree, PA, LLC.
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Libner & Gabree

Website Portfolio image for Lib Jamison Photography.
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Lib Jamison Photography

Website Portfolio image for Christine York Watercolors.
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Christine York Watercolors

Website Portfolio image for Gardiner Public Library.
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Sebasticook Chapter of NAVHDA

Website Portfolio image of Down to Earth Landscaping.
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Down to Earth Landscaping

Website Portfolio image for Maine Society of Anesthesiologists.
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Maine Society of Anesthesiologists

Website Portfolio image for B.H. Builders, Inc.
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B.H. Builders, Inc.